New updates and improvements to Right-Hand Cybersecurity

  1. Targeted campaigns for High Risk Users

    Now you can create targeted campaigns using:

    • Frequency of attacks directed at employees
    • Type of attacks directed at employees
    • Type of behaviors that need correction

    Checkout the video to learn more.

    Want to know more about Human Risk Management? Check out how Right-hand solves the problem of behavior change for your organization: Human Risk Management 

    Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information or send a message at


  2. Improve training engagement and attempt rates using Slack.

    Training Readiness
    Release Notes

    With this feature, you can send the training assignment messages and the training reminder messages using slack. This will lead to the trainings being delivered in the place where your workforce is more active and improve the chances of attempt rates.

    Refer the help documentation or reach out to your support team for enabling this feature.


    Check out the video below to see the feature in action:



  3. Customizable User Reports for Training Data

    This feature will help you create a data query or a report for use cases such as:

    • Delinquent report with details such as department, user group, manager etc
    • Quarter training reports
    • Audit reports
    • Employee exports with their demographic data

    Here is a quick video that will help you with the basics


  4. Easy Analysis of Reported Emails with VirusTotal

    Now you can analyse your reported emails for indicators of compromise using VirusTotal Threat Intelligence engine.

    We support the analysis for Links, Domains and Attachments.

    Follow this link to know more.



  5. MSSPs and Resellers: Multi-customer campaign launch

    New Feature
    Training Readiness
    Phishing Readiness

    Key Benefits:

    • Launch campaings for all or some of your customers from your own login console
    • Automatically assign the trainings and email templates to the customers
    • Get feedback on delivery in your own console


  6. PhishArm Interface Enhancement


    We're excited to introduce a revamped PhishArm interface, designed for enhanced user convenience. Say goodbye to navigating through multiple pages during email investigations! With our new Slide-in Modals, all your investigation work now happens seamlessly in one place.



    Key Features:


    Effortless Investigation: The new interface streamlines email investigations, allowing users to handle reported emails more efficiently.

    Phisharm-reported emails-1




    Email Movement: Swift movement of email to Quarantine or Inbox

    Phisharm-reported emails-2




    Categorization Options: Users can now categorize easily reported emails with ease. Mark them as spam, safe, threat etc

    Phisharm-reported emails-3
    Phisharm-reported emails-4





  7. Improvement for Resellers: Introducing MSSP Sub-Accounts for Unmatched Flexibility and Control!

    New Feature

    In response to valuable feedback and the evolving needs of our reseller community, we're thrilled to unveil a comprehensive update to our MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) panel. This release introduces strategic enhancements to streamline the management of reseller relationships, providing more flexibility and control.


    Key Features:

    1- Now, when adding new customers within an MSSP, account creators have the flexibility to designate them as resellers, catering to the intricate dynamics of reseller networks.

    2- Content Assignment Flow remains unchanged, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

    3- Easier classification and marking of type of customers for MSSPs.


    We appreciate your continued partnership as we strive to deliver a more powerful and user-friendly MSSP experience.


  8. Reporting APIs for phishing reports

    If you present your Phishing performance statistics to your teams in a different manner or platform as compared to Right-hand dashbords we have good news for you. Now there is no need to export the Phishing Campaigns data via CSVs and building those complex charts. You can directly get API service accounts and fetch the phishing performance data for your Custom Reporting needs.


    Reach out to your CSM or for getting access to customer reports.


  9. Easier Employee Management

    With simple controls during your Employee csv upload now you can:

    • Bulk archive employees easily
    • Bulk activate employees easily

    YES! No need to go through the long list of pages and search.